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Who we are?

Our company, which has been serving the health sector for more than half a century, first entered the sector with the production of gauze. Over years, gauze bandage, elastic bandage and synthethic orthopadec padding has been added to its product range, and with the better use of our existing resources with the developing technology, it has started to produce plaster of paris bandage (pop), stockinette, gauze compresses, abdominal compresses and cotton pads in addition to these products. Our company, aiming to benefit in more areas, has increased its product range by adding surgical tapes, injection plaster, band-aid, dialysis pressure bandage, heat patches production processes to its production network.

Our company, which is always the realization of innovations and the production of the highest quality products, has also been breaking new grounds in recent years. While contributing to the national economy as the first manufacturer in Turkey in the production of Casting Tape, Synthetic splint, Cold bandage, Sterile Nonwoven and Waterproof Wound Dressings it also emphasizes its researcher and quality production awareness.

Our company, which has adopted the vision of being a preferred and sought-after brand in the country and abroad, and a leader and pioneer company in its sector in the production of high quality and domestic products, continues to develop and grow day by day with its R&D studies and entrepreneurial spirit.