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Its adhesive iz zinc oxide based. Its porter has pores and this pores help skin to breath. Capsicum Oleoresine is getting from "Capsicum Annum" which is extract naturally. This plaster is ideal for chronic waist pains, rheumatismal diseases, articulation and muscle pains in the areas like neck, shou..
Alban Diyaliz is used for closing injection hole after dialysis and bloodletting. Because of its special material in the middle; it keeps and absorbs the blood in the applicated area. During the blood absorbation the pet gets swell and thicken then the injection stops the blood by applying pressure...
It is hypoallergic medical plaster which has pores. It is made of non-woven fabric. With its pores, the skin moisture pass through it and in this way the skin gets air. Its own elastic structure adaptates easily to the body curls and articulations. It is useful for post-operative applications and al..
Alban aid is a protector band which is used after injection. PVC porter transports skin moisture and provides skin to get air. Because of its round shape it adaptates to the body curves. Roentgen (X Rays) can pass through the fibre so it easy to x-ray without pılling iy out...
It is hypoallergic medical paper plaster which is made of viscose rayon non-woven fabric. Because of its micro pored structure it provides the skin to breath and tranports the skin moisture. Its soft and thin structure adaptates the curls of the body easily. Also it is perfect and ideal for the babi..
It is medical silken plaster which is made of acetate silk including zinc oxide.It is rubber based and has adhesive property. It is used in all kind of surgical applications for determining.It stables the materials like gauze bandage, wound convers, catheter etc. It is easy to use and shows a clean ..
It is medical plaster which is made of transparent polyethylene. Because of its pored structure it provides the skin to breath and transports the skin moisture. You can observe the application area because of its transparent structure.It stables the materials like gauze bandage, wound convers, cathe..
Its interior surface rubber and/or acrylic adhesive based. It is covered with adhesive and sensitive against pressure. Has tampon in the middle and made by woven fabric and/or plastic film. Will be in different shapes like round, rectange, and square. It is a wound bandage including zinc oxide. It i..
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