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Wound Bandage

Wound Bandage
Wound Bandage
Wound Bandage
Wound Bandage

Product Description

Its interior surface rubber and/or acrylic adhesive based. It is covered with adhesive and sensitive against pressure. Has tampon in the middle and made by woven fabric and/or plastic film. Will be in different shapes like round, rectange, and square. It is a wound bandage including zinc oxide. It is rubber based and has adhesive property. Can be use many purposes. It doesn't prevent skin to get air. Its hydrophilic structure doesn't adhere to the wound so it absorbs the blood and prevents leakage. Occurrs a protection barrier on the wound.


Technical Properties
Content Skin coloured, %100 woven cotton fabric. The material in the middle contains antiseptic. Polypropilene, viscose rayon, CPK (Cetylpyridinium Chloride)
Shelf Lifetime 5 years
Water Steam Permeability Min 500 g/m2
Tampon Weight Mİn 34 g/m2
Hole Diameter 2-4 mm
Standart It is proper to TS 3957
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